10 Stunning Siem Reap Temples You Should Make A Run For

10 Stunning Siem Reap Temples You Should Make A Run For


Siem Reap temples are a crowd puller each year, particularly those set inside the broad Angkor Archeological Stop. Recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992, there are roughly 50 Buddhist and Hindu Temples going back to the twelfth century inside its grounds. While the greater part of the structures has crumbled and shrouded in greenery, history buffs will get a kick out of them nevertheless.

10 Holy Siem Reap Temples

Siem Reap temple entrance fee is INR 1449/- for a one-day pass, INR 2899/- for a three-day pass, and INR 4348/- for a seven-day pass. Here are 10 the must-visit Siem Reap temples:

1. Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm

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One of Angkor’s most established Siem Reap temples, Ta Prohm is said to be fabricated completely of sandstone and has a five-layered pyramid with soak staircases on each side. With a significant number of the remains devoured by the underlying foundations of transcending trees, this temple in Siem Reap is by a long shot a standout amongst the most heavenly.

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2. Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

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To get away from the madding swarms, Banteay Srei is the best bet. The site is situated 35 kilometers from Siem Procure, with the drive taking guests through a dazzling wide open, past youngsters shouting ‘hi’ from their bicycles, ranchers tilling the ground and ladies doing clothing in streams. This temple flaunts unpredictably cut structures produced using delicate, pink sandstone.

3. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat is the biggest religious temple on the planet, with a volume of stone approaching that of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Its symmetrical towers are premised on the cutting edge Cambodian banner. Brought about by Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat took an expected 30 years to fabricate. It is by and large accepted to have been a memorial service Temple for the lord.

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4. Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng

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This tenth Century mountain temple is the most mainstream spot in the region to watch a great nightfall over Angkor Wat and the encompassing timberland. A winding way slices through the wilderness or there is a choice of an elephant ride to the summit. This temple is the go to spot for nightfall, so it can become extremely busy.

5. Preah Khan

Preah Khan

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Preah Khan is north of Angkor Thom in Asia . There are a lot of fascinating passages and a few trees surrounding the temple, particularly at the northern passageway where there is a humongous tree covering the focal point of this zone of the temple. Had you visited this site fifty years back, you’d have seen a wreck and nothing else.

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6. Bayon


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Sightseers will appreciate investigating the various thin paths in the Temple, which once bore the statues of minor neighborhood Lords. The Temple’s lower displays are loaded up with very much saved, amazingly definite bias-alleviation carvings, demonstrating occasions from Hindu folklore, Khmer history, and vignettes from the lives of Jayavarman’s standard subjects.

7. Baphuon


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A clearing toward the north of Bayon, Triumph Square, gives parking spots to vacationer autos and tuk-tuks. It’s additionally encompassed by some of Angkor Thom’s most profitable structures, as it separates the area of the previous illustrious royal residence. The pyramid known as Baphuon can be discovered going before Triumph Square.

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8. Chapel of the Hospital

Chapel of the Hospital

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This Temple and the one at Ta Prohm Kel inverse Angkor Wat offer two precedents inside the Recreation center territory. Built of sandstone, this Church of the Clinic is an unpleasant condition yet a few carvings are as yet unmistakable. A tranquil spot, it is frequented by thousands of travelers every year. Make sure to visit this temple early in the morning to avoid the midday rush.

9. Pre Rup

Pre Rup

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Pre Rup is one of only a handful few Siem Reap Temples that is celebrated for a remarkable nightfall. Try not to be sucked into the promotion – dusk here is not as remarkable as they say. When you visited Pre Rup, do not go with a preconception. Trees and dusty meadows will darken the view of the night, no doubt.

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10. East Mebon

East Mebon

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This Temple is actually going into disrepair. Reclamation work is going all out here yet the impediment can’t hose the sheer excellence of this Temple. This enormous three-layered Temple is committed to the Hindu Lord Shiva. It is weighed down with perplexing carvings and figures of watchman elephants and lions at doors. It is anything but difficult to invest hours at East Mebon and not get exhausted.

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You’ll be astounded to realize that Siem Reap comprises of more than 1000 temples. The Siem Reap temples are in a pleasantly good condition. Thousands of travelers throng these temples each year. The vast majority of these temples brag of wide hallways and beautiful art pieces. Visit Siem Reap on your trip to Asia and witness these marvels.

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