Bucket-List Experiences With The Dragon Trip

Bucket-List Experiences With The Dragon Trip


Bucket-list travel is always a good idea, however it can be difficult to pull off on your own. Usually those once-in-a-lifetime experiences are rare, tricky to organise and hard to travel to. However, The Dragon Trip have plenty of connections within the travel industry and a brilliant reputation, meaning on each tour we have we can offer those once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list experiences that otherwise would be difficult to find. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Climb the Great Wall of China

On our China tours we take our Dragons to a remote part of the wall in a stunning area, avoiding busy tourist areas, so you can have a truly authentic experience. We then can organise camping on the wall and waking to the sunrise over the Chinese landscape. This would be pretty impossible and unsafe to organise alone. However, we take care of all the organisation for you, ensuring you can have these bucket-list experiences without a care in the world. Sit back, watch the sunrise, and soak in the surroundings!




2. Walk through the Fushimi Shrine and have tea with a Geisha in Japan

The Fushimi Shrine is a collection of red torii gates that are placed on the hills, instantly recognisable from photographs. It is a stunning shrine that feels truly spectacular. We wander through the gates and up the hills until we reach the summit, where we can take in the beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere. After this we head back down to meet a Geisha for tea and learn about this aspect of Japanese culture. It is rare to get an opportunity to sit down and discuss Japanese culture with a Geisha and it’s a valuable and insightful learning experience.


Sights on Budget Japan tour


3. Cruise through Ha Long Bay before spending the night on a private island beach in Vietnam

Picked for the film location of Kong: Skull Island, Ha Long Bay is truly a bucket-list experience. A sporadic dotting of Islands in vibrant blue green waters makes for a beautiful cruise. Stop off and jump in for a refreshing dip and canoe through the caves, before spending the night on your own private beach. Vietnamese islands really are a sight to behold and it will be day you will never forget, followed by a night that’ll go down in history!


Ha Long Bay


4. Venture into the desert on a Camel in India

Experience the vast and sublime Indian desert on camel back and trek to your campsite. Here you will cook a delicious vegetarian dinner on the fire and stargaze for the night in the silence of the desert. With no light pollution, the stars are many and bright, it’ll be a sky you’ll never forget! Sleeping in a desert has to be on everyone’s bucket-list, but it’s difficult to execute. Deserts are dangerous places without the guidance of a professional, with us you don’t have to worry!


travelling in India


5. Ascend Sigriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts some of the most gorgeous and diverse landscapes; from rocky, never-ending terrain to paradise beaches to luscious jungle. This rock is a tricky climb, but well worth it for the incredible views at the top and the satisfaction of completing it. The rock is beautifully positioned, making it itself a spectacle to behold. If this wasn’t on your bucket-list, it should be now!


can I go to Sri Lanka


This is just a small selection of the various bucket-list experiences we offer on our tours. Check our the itineraries on our different adventures and see if you need to add anything to your bucket-list! Each adventure is jam-packed with exciting, original and memorable activities; get booking for 2022 before all the dates get taken!



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