Deciding whether to book? Read our Reviews!

Deciding whether to book? Read our Reviews!



We know how important reviews are to help you decide where and how to book your next adventure. This is why we are so pleased with our countless 5 star reviews of all of our trips! We always listen to feedback and update and adapt our experiences accordingly, meaning our trips are the best they can possibly be for the next set of adventurers! Read a few of our lovely testimonials from previous Dragons:


One of our Dragons, Bonya, who took part in the 25 day China loop:

“The month I spent in China with Dragon Trip almost three years ago was a teaching experience in a myriad of different ways. Other than the wonderful places and sights I was introduced to, I was also able to learn a great deal about what it means to cooperate and travel together. A group of strangers I met on the first day turned into close friends, interesting characters, and even some not-so-close friends, by the end of the month. 

Being in close confinement within a large group for a prolonged period of time is an experience that you don’t come by very often in life, but one that nevertheless leaves a valuable imprint on your mentality and general attitude. In just this one month, I learned a lot about balance and cooperation, as well as the phenomenon of sharing something significant with new friends. This trip encouraged me to find meaningful connections in a very condensed amount of time with people I still keep in contact with to this day. Countless memories were created solely on the basis of experiencing traveling in a spontaneous way, with a diverse group of people you would have never met otherwise. This is the beauty of investing into something like The Dragon Trip – it brings you together with incredible places and interesting people, all in one go!” – Bonya Kleyman



A tour group watching the sunrise from the Great Wall of China


One of our Dragons, Annabel, who took part in the 25 day China loop:

“I am just about to finish the Dragon Trips 25 Day Hong Kong to Hong Kong loop. It’s been an amazing experience and I have got to see so much of China. This was my first time travelling overseas and The Dragon Trip made it so easy (especially when travelling from place to place).

The adventure leaders have been absolutely amazing and always there to answer questions and give you suggestions on activities to do. I’ve also been able to travel with an awesome bunch of people and I’ve made some life long friends. Thanks for everything The Dragon Trip!” – Annabel Barringer


Rafting in Yangshuo, China


One of our Dragons, Miranda, who took part in the 13 day Japan tour:

“We went on the 13 day Japan tour just at the beginning of the Corona outbreak. Even with last minute changes to plans when museums and shows were closed our guides were excellent at substituting something new. The whole tour was fantastic and it felt like we saw a huge amount in the short time we had. We’re already talking about going back to Japan.

The guides were really friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. They answered loads of questions and even helped with learning the language. The size of the group was great, not so small we felt bad going off by ourselves at times but not so big we couldn’t hear what was happening. Overall an absolutely amazing experience!” – Miranda Topham


Japan Group Tours

A fun group photo in Tokyo


One of our Dragons, Saskia, who took part in one of our India adventures:

“I had the best time in India thanks to our guide Dee who did so much for us. Well organised, extremely friendly staff, great choice of destinations and an authentic impression of India! I can only recommend it for any single female traveller who doesn’t want to travel alone. I decided to book them again “ – Saskia Bommert


Group tours of India

Group camel rides in Jaisel


One of our Dragons, Taia, who took part in one of our Japan adventures:

“Had an amazing 2 weeks travelling Japan with The Dragon Trip. Both Juno and Chipa were amazing tour guides, making sure everyone was happy and having fun. Every day was full of fun activities and enough free time to explore on your own if you wanted to. Had the loveliest group of people who made everyday loads of fun!

A big thank you to Chipa who was always happy to help us by providing really useful recommendations and advice in every place we visited and was flexible to fit around the groups desires.  Would 100% recommend The Japan Dragon Trip to anyone who wants to visit Japan.” – Taia Fry



One of our Dragons, Melissa, who took part in the 31 day South East Asia trip:

“The Dragon Trip was the perfect introduction to Southeast Asia! All of the tour guides were locals who were incredibly informative, fun, and became friends throughout our journey. The company provides thorough information on what to expect during your trip, what to bring, and procedures in each country. I couldn’t be happier with my trip!!!” – Melissa Holton


Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hanging out at the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai


Our main priority is ensuring every single one of our Dragons has a once-in-a-lifetime experience on our trips. We understand that travelling is expensive and we make sure that you get every penny’s worth on our tours. We couldn’t be more pleased with our testimonials, keep them coming!

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