India is Open for Travel, Celebrate with 15% off!

India is Open for Travel, Celebrate with 15% off!


India is open to for travel! We are so excited to start travelling again, that we thought we’d give you all 10% off all of our 2022 India tours and 15% off our April India tour. To celebrate, we have interviewed our tour guide for our Indian adventures, Deepak, to find out just how much Covid has affected India and why it is such a tourist destination:


Tell us about your position with The Dragon Trip

Group Leader and Country Representative – INDIA

How is life currently affected by Covid in India? Are there still restrictions? 

Covid has affected India financially, mentally and physically . In our current situation, life is slowly coming returning to normal after those affects. There are still restrictions,  mask wearing, and social distancing is required. 

Is it safe to visit India at the moment?

YES, It is very safe to travel to INDIA. I also always advise people to check the travel requirements from each country.

How has the lack of tourism affected India?

Lack of tourism affected many lives of those who depend on tourism and companies whose business is directly linked with tourism. The major areas that have struggled are hotels, restaurants, transport, and travel guides.

Do you see tourism returning to the same levels as before the pandemic?

I believe that tourism will boom  because people have waited for a while for the relaxing of restrictions. 

Why do you think India is such a tourist destination?

It is a country with one of oldest histories and traditions, it is rich in culture, the food is delicious and the people are friendly. This make INDIA a happy place. People enjoy sharing culture and tradition. 

What are your top must-sees for anyone visiting India?

 Taj Mahal


 Star Gaze at Sand dunes in Jaisalmer. 

 Richest kings tradition of Rajasthan

Where do you live and what do you most enjoy about living there?

I live in Delhi but due to my work I am keep travelling different cities and all places has their own beauty. Delhi is full of vibrant color and a mix of different cultures all in one place. People are busy with their daily life with no complaint.


Group tours of India


Walking through India in the summer heat


Backpacker riding in tuk tuk, India


Gadisar lake at Jaisalmer Rajasthan at sunrise with ancient temples and archaeological ruins.


If you want to experience India in an authentic, exciting and original way, then The Dragon Trip is the way to do it. Take a look at all of our India adventures we offer here. Get booking before it’s too late, they’re filling up fast!




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