A Guide to Staying in Hostels

Our Favourite Hostels in South East Asia


If you’ve never stayed in hostels before, the idea can be a bit daunting. However, hostels are a brilliant way to meet people and add a little extra fun to your travels! Despite what some people may say, hostels are safe and friendly environments, and here at The Dragon Trip we choose the best of the best for our adventures. Here are some of our favourite hostels on our South East Asia Adventures:


Lub d Hostel, Siem Reap

Lub d Hostel has to be one of our all time favourite hostels. With a spacious pool, swim-up bar and classic arcade games, Lub d is a great stay in Siem Reap. Not only is the actual hostel a brilliant place to hang out, but its location is perfect for exploring the city; making it the ideal accommodation. The hostel boasts spacious and clean rooms, huge bathrooms equipped with hair dryers and straighteners, and comfortable mattresses; a luxury when travelling South East Asia!

After a day exploring the city, there’s nothing quite like spending an evening or an afternoon at Lub d. Whether you want to lounge by the pool sipping cocktails, or take part in a competitive game of table football, this hostel is great fun for everyone!

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Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostel, Saigon

Ho Chi Minh is a city full of exciting experiences to be had. It is constantly buzzing no matter the time, and Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostel is always the place to be. Not only is it great for meeting people because of its excellent social rating, but the dorms themselves are clean bright and spacious; this is hard to find when you’re a few minutes from Bui Vien Street and Ben Than Market! In the immediate surroundings of the hostel you will find delicious street food, a beautiful and lush park, and many stalls and markets to browse.

This hostel has its own famous 9th floor rooftop bar that overlooks Saigon’s skyscrapers, and is always the best part spot in the city! Check out our Vietnam to Cambodia Adventure HERE!

Backpack to Vietnam

Sunflower Hostel, Hoi An

This bright and breezy hostel is the perfect place to hang out in Hoi An. With a lovely restaurant, garden and pool, The Sunflower Hostel is one of the best in Hoi An. The atmosphere is always friendly, welcoming and fun and it attracts many tourists and travellers who aren’t staying at the hostel because of its delicious food, and cheap drinks. You can also find basketball hoops, pool tables, and table football so you’ll never be bored! Hoi An is such a stunning city, with a lovely laid back vibe, and this hostel definitely matches it!

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Hoi An


Why Do We Stay in Hostels? Why Not Hotels or Air BnB’s?

There is something about a hostel atmosphere that no hotel or Air BnB could beat. Everyone staying in hostels is staying there for the social aspect, and today it’s not often you are surrounded by people avidly looking to make friends. It is a wonderful experience and you can meet like-minded travellers who can turn out to be life-long friends. I still, 3 years later, make plans with people all around the world that I first met in hostels. 

We stayed in an Air BnB once or twice during a three month trip, but we soon missed the camaraderie and fun that hostels offer. They are fun, exciting and normally in the best locations!


Those are just a few of our favourite hostels in South East Asia, check out the full list of accommodation we use for our South East Asia trips here. We offer different options when you book through us, like requesting a private room or a couples room, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a message in the chat box or give us a call!



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