Top 5 View Points in Vietnam

Top 5 View Points in Vietnam


Vietnam is full of incredibly diverse landscapes. From stunning cityscapes to vast mountainous terrain and everything in between, Vietnam boasts it all! It is a photographer’s dream, and an Instagrammer’s idea of heaven. Vietnam will stay with you for a lifetime, so here are our favourite viewpoints in the country:

Phong Nha

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a world UNESCO heritage site and is an expanse of beautiful caves, vast lakes, deep mud pools and tropical forests. It is truly incredible to explore, and this is why we make sure our Dragons get the chance! On our adventures you can kayak through the caves along crystal blue water and below limestone-dripping formations, you can dive into a mud pool and zip-line across a forest. In Phong Nha there are endless incredible view points, so be sure to bring your camera!

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Thu Thiem Bridge, Ho Chi Minh

The Ho Chi Minh skyline is magnificent; A never ending expanse of tall buildings of every shape and size twinkle as the sun goes down. There are plenty of places to enjoy the view, but one of our favourites is the Thu Thiem Bridge. The bridge itself is a stunning piece of architecture that attracts tourists, families and friends throughout the evening to take in the view. Use your free time in the evening on our trips to travel to the bridge!


Ha Long Bay

Nothing quite compares to the view from the top deck of a boat as you cruise along Ha Long Bay. It is a dramatic landscape, used for the setting of King Kong Skull Island! Along the way you can kayak, swim or find some secret beaches to explore. The breeze from the boat is the perfect escape from the intense Vietnamese heat so it’s the ideal way to spend a day! On our trips we take our dragons to a private beach to spend the night by a bonfire, partying under the stars.


Hai Van Pass

For the thrill seekers, the Hai Van Pass is a must-see. A winding, cliff-side road joins Hoi An and Hue and provides breath-taking views throughout the journey. The best way to ride is on the back of a local’s motorbike, as they know the road inside and out. Often a hostel will be able to organise this for you! Along the way are empty white sand beaches, waterfalls in the mountains, and restaurants serving fresh caught seafood and Vietnamese specialties. The Hai Van Pass will always be a traveller’s favourite!

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Mekong Delta

For a relaxed afternoon, cruise the Mekong Delta. Traditional boats driven by locals tour the famous river daily, winding through tropical forests and opening up to vast lakes. On our Dragon Trips we stop off along the way for cooking classes led by local chefs, and craft lessons in local villages. The whole way boasts beautiful views and valuable lessons, an activity not to be missed!


On our Dragon Trips we make sure our dragons see the most of every country, including the best view points. Check out our South East Asia trips HERE to find out what we offer our dragons in Vietnam!


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