What to do in Singapore

What to do in Singapore


Singapore is a very special country to many people around the world, but it holds a special place in my heart. In February 2021 I have married Lydia, a born and bred Singaporean.

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Having spent a lot of time in this island city-state, I have grown very fond of what it has to offer. With all of the first-hand experiences, always with locals, and more and more like a local, I’m here to share with you the best things to do in Singapore.

Every city has attractions, but in Singapore, there are so many different things to do that on your visit here you won’t ever feel bored. Here’s my list of some amazing tourist attractions as well as what locals love doing around this beautiful country!

#1 Food in Singapore

The first thing people usually think about when they hear Singapore is the food – and it’s not hard to see why. A huge variety of Asian cuisines are on offer at any given time and price ranges are varied too. By far the most popular Singaporean dish is chicken rice which is available everywhere. Cheap, quite healthy, and always tasty!

Char Kway Teow is my favorite, rather unhealthy but extremely delicious stir-fried flat rice noodles with meat and shrimp. Available in most hawker centers and coffee shops around the city. Oh, and for those who didn’t know – coffee shops in Singapore are smaller versions of hawker centers – places where several food vendors share the roof and offer a variety of cuisines.

Remember, if you want the best food, go for the longest queue – most locals are foodies and most Singaporeans hate queuing -if they choose to wait there better be a good reason for that.

#2 Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore and for good reason. Home to a selection of plants, animals, birds, insects, and other flora from all over the world it’s really worth visiting at least once during your stay.

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Entry is free unless you want to go into the orchid garden which costs $15 SGD and is open from 08:30-17:00.

I’m always really excited when I visit because of how unique it feels – no other place in Singapore offers this kind of experience.

The Botanic Gardens are also home to a variety of events such as concerts, lectures, and more that happen on a regular basis so be sure to check their website for upcoming events before going.

If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful in the city center then these gardens are perfect! It’s easy to forget your worries while exploring all of the different flowers, plants, and wildlife.

#3 Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By The Bay offers two incredible tourist attractions in one: Flower Dome and Supertree Grove, both worth visiting on their own! It is also located next to the Waterfront, which is one of the hottest attractions according to the Karambol Singapore itinerary.

The Flower Dome has all sorts of tropical flowers from around the world which are not only beautiful but offer visitors access to some rare plants that can’t be found anywhere else.

Supertree Grove is even more impressive, especially at night when the Garden Rhapsody show takes place. The Supertree Grove is a walkthrough area home to artificial mega-tall trees as well as other carefully chosen flora and fauna.

#4 Orchard Road

There’s quite a lot to do at Orchard Road and while some of the attractions are mainly for tourists, there’s also plenty that Singaporeans will enjoy. The most obvious thing to do is shopping! There are so many boutiques in these malls it would take you days – or weeks – to go through them all but they’re worth checking out if you want your clothes to look super stylish.

Singaporean locals love designer brands and most people try their best to look fashionable wherever they go.

If you’re not much of a shopper, there’s plenty more to do in the area. You can find the Singapore Arts Centre which hosts concerts and other events on a regular basis or visit one of the many theatres that are scattered around Orchard Road such as Esplanade Theatre.

#5 Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is the most recent addition to Singapore’s list of tourist attractions and it really deserves all the praise.

The airport terminal buildings are designed with a variety of plants in mind – there are over 250 species on display throughout these halls! The aim was to create an oasis for travelers which offers them some rest before they fly off into their next adventure.

The most iconic element of Jewel Changi Airport is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. It is so impressive that locals make frequent trips here just to marvel at the sight and do some shopping while at it.

#6 Marina Bay Sands

This can be the most expensive attraction in Singapore but it’s also one of my favorites. The Marina Bay Sands offers visitors not only a hotel with all sorts of luxurious amenities, restaurants, and bars – ranging from French to Japanese cuisine – and they have their own casino as well!

The highlight here for me is the top deck with the infinity pool which offers panoramic views of both Singapore City and the Harbour so you’ll never get bored just by looking at your surroundings. You can spend hours lounging by this free-form pool or go up to Sky Park (your ticket includes access) where you’re given an incredible bird’s eye view over everything that surrounds you.

marina bay sands views

If you want to experience the Marina Bay Sands without paying too much, you can make a reservation at LAVO and order something small. You’ll enjoy the same view that wealthier guests pay through the nose for and it will be a lot less expensive – especially if you’re not drinking alcohol.

Your Turn

Singapore might be small but it has everything any traveler could ever want in life. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, to enjoy the outdoors, one of the best countries to teach English, or be immersed in the culture, there are plenty of opportunities just waiting to be taken advantage of. With almost the entire population vaccinated against COVID-19, the borders might be open to tourists by the time you’re reading this article. Go ahead and book a trip to the bustling and exciting Singapore!


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