Why Visiting South Korea is the Perfect Adventure

Why Visiting South Korea is the Perfect Adventure


South Korea is an incredible and diverse country, offering everything from exciting and futuristic cities to stunning national parks. Its history is complex and fascinating, influencing their unique culture; making the country truly one of a kind. There are all sorts of adventures to embark on when visiting South Korea which can make it overwhelming to plan a trip, this is why a group tour works well. Here are a few reasons why South Korea should be your next adventure:


Seoul, A City Like No Other

Visiting South Korea means visiting Seoul. Seoul marries the old and the new, offering the best of both worlds. Down cobbled streets you can find quirky independent shops, bookstores, galleries, cute cafes and more, hidden inside old traditional houses. After, head to a completely different neighbourhood and experience the futuristic streets full of media poles and huge skyscrapers. On the way be sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful ancient palaces that are dotted throughout the city. Seoul varies massively from district to district so it’s good to have an ample 3-4 days to explore. 

We let you explore the city at your own pace, and offer exciting experiences like taking in the stunning views from Namsan Mountain, seeing a guard change ceremony at ​​Gyeongbokgung palace , and visiting the official residence of South Korea’s president. We think it’s important to learn about the current political situation for South Korea, so we take our Dragons on a short adventure outside of the city where we visit the demilitarised zone between North Korea and South Korea and speak to a North Korean defector. This valuable experience helps understand the extent of the turbulent relationship between the two countries.



Exploring the Magical Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan is South Korea’s largest mountain, its snowy peak offers breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape. The national park encompasses these surroundings and, with its abundance of flowers and trees and mountain streams, is the perfect place for hiking. There are also Buddhist temples nestled throughout the park, making the visit a cultural experience as well. 

Surrounding the mountain are villages where North Korean refugees live, visiting these historical settlements is a fascinating and insightful experience for our Dragons. We offer plenty of different hikes throughout the national park, with varying levels of difficulty to ensure everyone can enjoy the beauty that the park has to offer!



Busan, A City That Offers Almost Everything…

Visiting South Korea wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Busan. It’s a hectic port city that has developed to be one of the most exciting cities you can visit! For those seeking authentic cultural experiences, Busan offers some of the most beautiful temples in South Korea, situated by the coast, overlooking the busy port. However, for those seeking a relaxing break from their jam-packed adventure, Busan is home to stunning sandy beaches and gorgeous sunsets!

We like to spend a good few days in Busan because there is just so much to experience! We want our Dragons to relax and embrace South Korea, and Busan is the place to do it. We visit the biggest seafood market in South Korea, take part in a futuristic virtual-reality experience, relax in one of the many spas and so much more. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime visit!



Jeju Island, A Volcanic Paradise

Jeju Island is recognisable for its lush greenery, clear blue waters, sandy beaches and aesthetic waterfalls. It really does feel like paradise. The volcanic landscape has created unique scenery unlike anything else, including huge lava tubes that can stretch up to 8 kilometres long. This means the hiking trails are never boring, offering stunning photo opportunities at every twist and turn.

We like to teach our Dragons about the incredible Jeju women who can dive 10-20 metres and fish without any breathing apparatus. You’ll even have the opportunity to go out and dive with them! Amongst the trekking and the diving, we make sure our Dragons have enough time to soak up the island atmosphere from the white sandy beaches.



Those are just a few reasons to explore South Korea, the country offers so much more to explore! If you’re considering a trip but want to find out more, just give us a call or drop us an email and we can have a chat about our different adventures and which one would suit you best! Check out our adventures HERE.



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