spring in asia

Why You Should Visit Asia in Spring


It is now the perfect time to book a Spring trip to Asia! Spring is widely known as the best time to visit Asia, the continent really comes alive from the months of early March to June. Not only is the weather the perfect balance of warm sun and low humidity, but each country offers their own spring-time celebrations, from water festivals to Cherry Blossoms. Take a look at some of the fun and unforgettable events you can enjoy in Asia in Spring!


Songkran Festival in Thailand

Every April, from the 13th to around the 16th, the whole of Thailand turns into a huge water-fight! Songkran is a buddhist festival and celebrates the New Year. Pouring water over somebody symbolises good luck, and over the years this has escalated to full scale city wide water-fights.

You won’t be able to step outside without getting a bucket of water thrown at you or multiple water pistols aimed in your direction! It is an incredibly fun festival to take part in, especially in the bigger cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai.



Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai


Holi in India (The Festival of Colour)

Now this is a true bucket-list experience. The most colourful festival in the world, Holi, celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter and the blossoming of love, by painting the country in vibrant and beautiful paint powders.

Similarly to Songkran, expect to be covered in powder paint of every colour if you attend this celebration! It is a truly stunning spectacle, where everyone embraces their inner child and the love they hold for those around them!


Spring in Asia

Paint powders used to throw

Holi festival

A crowd during the Holi celebrations


Cherry Blossoms in Japan and South Korea

Cherry blossoms are infamous around the world, and for good reason! For a few weeks every year these countries are filled with delicate pink petals blooming in the trees. It is a truly gorgeous time of year, with Hanami festivals taking place all over Japan and South Korea. This literally translates to ‘viewing flowers’ and involves having picnics and sake underneath the cherry blossom trees!

The cherry blossoms bloom at different times all over japan but the most common time is from late March to mid April. You can research different areas and when their blossoms are most likely to bloom and plan your trip around the times!


spring in Asia

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

spring in asia

Mount Fuji Among the Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms in south korea

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea


Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan

In mid February the nigh-time skies of Taiwan are filled with light. Thousands of lanterns are lit and sent off, creating a magical night to celebrate the end of winter and the dangers that used to come with the season.

Keeping up with the changing times and priorities, Taiwan now encourage the use of recyclable lanterns and a recyclable pulp that burns out completely in the air (to lower the risk of fires).


Lanterns Being Lit in Pingxi

A Customised Lantern

These are just a few events you can experience in Spring, so take a look at our Japan, Thailand and India tours now and get booking for this beautiful time of year!


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